Redirect Tracker

Check Redirect code and Status code

301 and 302, JavaScript and Meta fresh redirects

Use http:// or https:// with your URL

Redirect Tracker Options:

If you want to check the redirect of your website with some particular User-Agent, then choose Browser User-Agent to check your redirect.

Keep track of your URL redirect for work precision. Forget to use search engine-friendly redirections, choose redirects using HTTP status codes 301 and 302.
Please insert the http:// or https:// and URL for checking redirects.


The main characteristics of Redirect Tracker are listed below:

  • Choose other user agents like:
    • Search Engine Robots (Bots) – Yandex, Baidu, Google Mobile Bot, Google Bot, Yahoo, DuckDuckBot, Exabot, etc.
    • Desktop-Laptop-Browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.
    • Mobile User-Agents – Android, iPhone, and Windows.
  • Easily traces 301 and 302 redirects
  • This tracker checks and supports HTTP or HTTPS redirects
  • Checking of mutual JavaScript redirects
  • Checking of Meta refreshed redirects
  • It traces the redirected Firefox link
  • It shows and checks the redirect chains
  • Online tracking of the redirect links
  • It provides link redirected tools
  • It helps to check Redirect Paths

Get to know about Redirect checker for URL

The redirect checker for URL follows the route of any given URL. It shows a complete redirected URL’s path, tiny URL’s or shortened links. It is also considered as a redirect checker, redirect tracer, redirect tracker, URL checker, URL tracker, URL tester, link tracker, link follower, etc.

As soon as it traces any link, a result, it displays every link and redirects you via htaccess redirects, URL redirects, JavaScript redirects, NGINX redirects, and refreshed meta finally leads you to your destination.

How Redirect Tracker helps

The redirect tracing tool helps in troubleshooting the issues associated with links and allows the execution of modest intelligence in a certain way.

How to troubleshoot Redirect Tracker difficulties

This is mainly a redirected link detective tool which follows the URLs and helps you to identify the intricated linking issues. You have to forward your old address to your new URL address if you rename the URL or alters your website. It is important to make a test on your URL just to make sure whether it runs correctly and never encounters any error while execution. Always keep this in mind, while creating redirected URL chains, if you witness any error during this process, then you possibly will prevent your user to reach their destination.

Know how Redirect Chains generate leads

Any business wants to generate leads to their website and hence it increases rating as well. Google allows the website to increase ranking based on its fundamental algorithm of determining how business sites are linked with each other. By directing your redirects straight, you may get a high PageRank for your business website. You will increase your PageRank when other sites link up with your business, but it should functionally go with the flow of your redirect chains.

How Affiliate converted links tracking

Most affiliate marketers use tiny URLs to showcase on different types of social media platforms or various related websites. It is important to track links because if the redirect chain breaks, then income based on affiliate marketing will get ceased, so always keep proper track of it and maintain it regularly. We help you check with your affiliate links to make sure that they were redirected to the exact place or not.