About US

Redirect tracker is a tool which track the browser path, when clicking on an online advertisement. As a line redirect tracker shows you the various layers, redirects and click-trackers that are involved in serving an advertisement.

But why anyone needs something like Redirect Tracker?

As you are an online advertiser must be looking for constantly to reach premium sites at low cost. Example like star-wars on Instagram you can reach the site directly or direct buy this might incurred you a premium cost. But you can also reach the same inventory through other advertising networks that buy a portion of Instagram inventory and then resell it at a discount. Finding these opportunities is when tracking advertisement links comes in handy. Usually to find these networks easily refresh the sites more than 8 times this method usually flushes out the premium ads that are set to run first, and allows the site to fall back to the cheaper ads served by the premium networks paying unnecessary.

To avoid extra pay just copy the link of an ad and paste it into Redirecttracker.com

We are an Ad-Link Tracker. Here we go Redirect Tracker.