Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sometimes URLs get redirected for various reasons, but few of them might be malicious. Typically, redirections might get done if any web page is been removed, any web is converted to HTTPS, a web is shifted to a changed domain, etc. So, due to these reasons, they will forward you to an unwanted place, which might lead to harm to your online security.

  • In every scenario, it is essential to be aware of where we are going to land while clicking on any link, choose Redirect Tracker for better result. It will help you to show where exactly you are going to landing.

  • Redirect Tracker keeps you informed and safe, enjoy your browsing with this tool.

  1. You need to know where you are going to land, whether the website is genuine or fake. Due to the increase in online fraud, you have to be more cautious with your clicks.

  2. You need to keep a check on your links if you are a marketer or a website builder.

  3. It is important for you to be concerned about your online security and avoid malware attacks or phishing.

  1. Permanently Removed Redirects: It is something that happened when you try to access any address or link and it is permanently moved or shifted to some other place. Web builders frequently use this redirect when they want to change or delete a page. The old link is replaced or removed by a new link to avoid further redirects.

  2. Status Code 302 Found: It is used for temporary redirection, and depending upon the HTTP response 302 found is equivalent to 307 found. It temporarily redirects one URL to another URL. This redirect is used when you have the plan to use redirected URL in the future, it avails your web page at a new location for a limited time.

  3. 307 Temporary Redirect: This redirect is equivalent to 302 found but in HTTP 1.1. In this, your requested URL is shifted to a new location temporarily. It can be done to recover the old URL whenever you need it again in the future.

  • If you use a link redirect tracker, it will not affect your website traffic in any way. But it is important to use Status Code 301 redirect to avoid losing existing traffic. If you use 301 redirects, then this checker tool will help you to make sure to redirect your older traffic to a new domain. This is one of the best approaches that redirect your website with no SEO damage.

  • There are certain ways to encode and obscure redirects of JavaScript, and it is tough to determine each possible combination. Though, Redirect Tracker helps to detect common JavaScript redirect types.