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Redirect Tracker is a tool that helps to track down the browser path whenever you will click on online ads. Redirect line tracker shows you the different kinds of redirects, layers, and click-trackers that serve an ad.

The technique used to forward any web URL to another URL is Redirection. It’s a way of sending both search engines and users from a requested URL to another URL. Few commonly used redirects can be given as follows: Meta Refresh, 301, and 302.

What is the need for a Redirect Tracker?

The redirect tracing tool helps in troubleshooting the issues associated with links and allows the execution of modest intelligence in a certain way.

As an online advertiser, you must search constantly to reach premium sites at a very low cost. For example, star wars on Instagram you may reach its site directly or you might direct buy it but this acquired a premium cost. Also, you can reach that same catalog with some other advertising networks that purchase a portion of the Instagram catalog and then resell that at a discount.

Find these types of opportunities while tracking ads links come in handy. Generally, finding these types of networks easily refreshes the site more than 8 or 9 times, this technique usually flushes out the premium Ads that are instructed to run first. And hence, this allows any website to fall back on cheaper ads that are served by the premium networks to avoid extra pay; you may just copy the link of an ad and then paste it to our site Redirecttracker.com.

We are an Ad-Link Tracker. Here we go Redirect Tracker.